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Instagrammable Me


This is a photo installation on 2 iPads and 10 iPhones. Each set of pictures last 30 seconds before they are switched to another set of next one, which are all relevant to sites where online celebrities’ show up. Among them, pictures in small iPhones are places where online celebrities showed up and took photos that were uploaded to the internet. On the left, pictures in iPads show what I look like without wearing make-up. Pictures in the iPads on the right side present how I imitate online celebrities’ styles, gestures and facial expressions. 


Nowadays, it’s been a trend for online celebrities to upload their photos where they show up, followed by commercial “celebrity-site effect” as the masses go to these places to follow their idols. On the internet, people try to make themselves high-quality idols for their fans, so they try to choose places that symbolize good taste and personalities, which leads to the problem that every one is living under their masks.

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